Should You See It?

Should You See It?

“Swear it, if it comes back. We’ll have to come back to.”

 If you want a movie to keep you on the edge of your seat, then you better check out IT: Chapter 2. IT came to the movie theater on September 6, 2019. Pennywise, mainly known as It, is the name of a clown that is based off of the books written by Stephen King. It is rated R. 

In the first movie, the setting takes place in Derry, in 1978. The “Losers Club,” a group of 7 kids, came together to try and get rid of the killer clown that haunted Derry for many years. He scared kids by feeding off of their fears. The “Losers Club” all overcame their fears and they eventually killed the clown, or so they thought. If for some reason, he came back, they promised to come back to Derry. 

In Chapter 2, the movie jumps to 27 years later, so now its 2016.  Everyone moved away from Derry except for Mike. Mike stayed behind to watch if It comes back. Once he realizes It’s back, it was too late because he already killed a gay couple. Mike gets ahold of everyone and tells them the news. Once everyone found out, they all go back to Derry, except for Stanley, because something bad happened to him. As soon as they get back, Mike asks them if they remember what happened back in the summer of 1978. None of them can remember, then that’s when It starts terrorizing all of them. They all come together to try and remember what happened back when they were kids. 

The next paragraph contains spoilers! Do not read on if you haven’t seen the movie!

They hunt down the clown, and actually kill him this time, but one of them ends up dead. 

What I think about the whole movie is that I love how they give more attention to the gay lovers within the group because back then in the old movie, they don’t do that . Also, how they actually take stuff from the old movie and bring into the new movie, but make it look more realistic. 

People should watch this because it’s a good movie, and it looks so real. I think people who love watching scary movies before they go to sleep should definitely watch. 

There are also some big names in this movie such as Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader, Finn Wolfhard, James McAvoy, and Jack Grazer.

Rotten tomatoes, a movie review site, gave the movie a rating of 63%. They gave this movie that rating because it proves bigger, but not scarier than the first movie. I also don’t agree with the rating they gave because I felt the movie was 100% better than the first.

I feel that the filmmaker did make a good movie, and better than the previous It movie. The parts I liked the most throughout this whole movie was the ones with the flashbacks to when they are kids, because they are all back together in one place again. 

In the end, I feel that people should just wait until the movie comes out on DVD and not spend a lot of movie watching it in theaters.