Jalen “JD” Schamp


Chiefs Nation Online congratulates Jalen “JD” Schamp for being our featured athlete. 

Schamp is a senior at Wyoming Indian High School. His parents are Preston Schamp and Colleen Bell. 

He has contributed to the Chiefs Cross Country team for four years and also participates in wrestling, track, robotics, and is on the WIHS Rez Tech Squad. 

Schamp was chosen as our Featured Athlete because he pushes his teammates and himself to do their best. 

“JD was a leader of the Chiefs’ cross team this year. He attended practice regularly, helped lead the warm-up and cool-down parts of practice, and always displayed a good work ethic for the younger runners to learn. JD always brought a positive attitude to the teams. Although he had a few personal disappointments during the season, JD always encouraged his teammates to give their best,” said head coach Julie Her Many Horses.  

Schamp has received two medals this season, 9th place and 7th place medals. 

 He motivates his teammates by reminding them that, “they have the blood of their ancestors, who are strong and courageous, and they should never give up.”

 His most memorable moment as an athlete was “running in the hard rain at the LNI meet in Rapid City.” 

 Schamp likes to run, play video games, and stay caught up about the world through Youtube.

 He has plans to join the United States Marine Corps after high school.