Should You See It?


“Sometimes people don’t really say what they’re really thinking, but you capture the right moment it says more.” 

Stranger things season one starts off with a lot of mysterious scenes occuring in the Hawkins Indiana Lab. In the first scene, there are a bunch of scientists that are running around like mad men. Alarms are going off and the lights are flickering like something bad happened. From there we go into a scene of a group of boys, Will, Mike, Lucas, and Dustin playing a board game. It begins to get late and the boys decide it’s time to head home. Will begins to ride his bike home with Lucas and Dustin. The boys reach Lucas and Dustin’s house, Will tells them goodnight and rides into the dark back to his house. When Will reaches his house, he walks in and finds no one home. He notices some noises coming from his shed in the back of his house. He goes to see what it is, but there’s nothing. He waits for a minute then hears a strange noise and he suddenly disappears into thin air. If you want to know what happened to Will, watch Season one of the Stranger Things on Netflix. 

I think the producers of Stranger Things made a good show. The show is interesting in all kinds of ways. Not only does it make you sit on the edge of your seat, but it makes you question the government itself. I found the show to be very adventurous and creative.  

If you’re into sci-fi, mystery, and parallel universes then I think Stranger Things is the perfect show for you. The show is unpredictable, filled with all kinds of twists and turns, and constantly entertaining. 

Do you need something new to binge watch when you have nothing else to do? Stranger Things would be a great option. The episodes run for about 45 mins to an hour. 

Rotten Tomatoes rated the show at 97%. The age range I would recommend watching Stranger Things would be about 15 years old and up. The show exposes things like strong language and some scary creatures. 

You can watch Stranger Things only on Netflix. If you do like the show, then be ready for a season 4. They have yet to say when the season will be released, but hopefully next summer.