Journalism Class Goes to WHSSPA


My journalism class and I went to Central Wyoming College for the day to the Wyoming High School Student Press Association Convention on Nov. 4th. 

The WHSSPA is a convention that invites high schoolers that are in journalism, yearbook, photography, and broadcast classes to compete against each other and win awards. It also provides numerous workshops that the students can attend and learn more about the area they are working in. The last two years, the convention was held at Central Wyoming College. 

When we first got there, we listened to Johanna Love, editor for the Jackson Hole newspaper, tell us about her journey through becoming a writer and editor of the newspaper. 

After hearing her speech, we went to workshops around the college. There were about 8 different workshops, but we were only able to go to three.

What I learned in those workshops were basic things that you need to know to become a journalist. The most interesting one was called “reporting on a crime” with Clair McFarland, who writes for the Riverton Ranger. She taught us the different elements of reporting on a crime.

Lunch was served, and after lunch we all gathered together again and awards were handed out to students from different schools. The awards were for contests that kids from different schools signed up for. There were three categories, photography, newspaper, and yearbook. Next year, we hope to submit some work to earn awards. 

After all the awards were handed out we went back for one more workshop. After that we headed back to school. 

My opinion on the convention was that it was a new experience. I never knew there was even a convention that was about newspapers, photography, yearbooks, and broadcast. I liked that there were different schools that attended and are actually interested in learning about becoming a writer for a newspaper. 

I like learning about new things, and this convention made me understand journalism more than I used too. The only downside was how long it was. I wasn’t really prepared for the convention, but I enjoyed it.