Mary Harris


Chiefs Nation Online congratulates Mary Harris as our Featured Athlete. 

Harris is a senior at Wyoming Indian High School. Her mother is Tamara Harris. She received an award of Sportsmanship during a volleyball away game at Hanna Elk Mountain. 

Harris has participated in volleyball, basketball, and throwing for track and field throughout her four years attending WIHS. She is also a member of National Honor Society and the Student Council.

The most memorable moment for Harris while she was on the volleyball team was their win against Kemmerer at Regionals. During the season, the team had won one out of three games against Kemmerer. During the regional game, the sets won were 2-1, with Kemmerer one more set away from winning the game. In the fourth set, the Lady Chiefs were up and only needed a point to win. Diamond Shoyo set Harris up and Harris gave her all and the ball struck the blockers armpit. This caused the ball to bounce out of the court. The Lady Chiefs had won the fourth set. The Lady Chiefs gathered with excitement and Harris had to run for the restroom in mid-celebration. 

Harris doesn’t have an inspiration for volleyball, but she grew to love the sport.

“Volleyball wasn’t really a sport I enjoyed during freshman and sophomore year, but I started to enjoy it more during junior year and I loved to play during senior year. Senior year was one of my best years hitting and passing,” Harris said.

She motivates her teammates by keeping a positive attitude and talking their heads up. A saying she would tell them would be, ¨It’s okay to mess up, you’ll get it next time.”

She hangs out with her friends during the weekends and they often go to the movies or to Walmart. Harris also enjoys fishing and swimming during the summer. 

Harris has plans to attend college at CWC for two years to get her generals and possibly study Pre-Physical Therapy. She would like to transfer to University of Wyoming after those two years to continue her studies in Physical Therapy.