Cell Phones in School


There are students abusing the cell phone policy at Wyoming Indian High School. The current policy states that cell phones are not allowed in the classroom. Cell phones and ear buds are an even bigger distraction now with this generation of teenagers.  

What students like to do the most is to be on social media or play games more than having to do schoolwork or other things. However, it is a different generation where phones became a much bigger go to for teenagers and as much as people try to get rid of them they will always be there. 

Many teachers throughout WIHS believe that students shouldn’t be on their phones during the school day because it hurts their learning. Some teachers had some strong opinions on this topic. 

“I believe that we do need a cell phone policy in our school. Learning is not an option if a student is on their phone while the teacher is trying to teach,” stated Josie Redman, math teacher at WIHS. 

“Research has proven that grades slip when you are distracted. Alerts from your phones, movies, music can change your cognitive abilities to what you are trying to learn. I feel it is a fair policy and the students need to follow the policy! Yes, I do enforce the policy and all of my students know that. Students were not given a green light to use phones in the classroom when they were reminded in a respectful and kind manner to follow the policy at our assembly. Take care of what has been given to you and be responsible young people!” stated Sandra Iron Cloud, English teacher at WIHS.

Another teacher had a different take on the topic and thought it should be more of a classroom decision. 

“Students need to follow the rules set for each classroom. If they do not respect the teacher, classroom rules, and their education, more consequences need to take place. I believe it should be an individual classroom decision. Not all rules fit all classrooms,” said Julie Her Many Horses, math teacher at WIHS. “When asked to put a phone away, the majority of my students do so without any disrespect.”  

Our principal, Pam Gambler, expressed how she felt about the issue as well. 

“When teachers take the phones away some students get emotional, then it becomes a behavior issue. I feel our students think that it is a right to have a phone and they can use it anytime they want. Using a phone is a privilege and should be viewed as such.  As educators we are here at WIHS to ensure our students are learning and preparing them for life after high school,” stated Pamela Gambler, WIHS principle. 

There are a lot of opinions about the cell phone policy, but as students we should be respectful to the teachers and follow the rules.