Prom Right Around the Corner!

Prom Right Around the Corner!

“Get ready to put on your fancy pants and come dance,”  says Chiefs Nation Online Editor Tanisha Clair.

Prom is right around the corner, and this year’s prom theme is Shanghai Nights, which is going to be held at Shoshone Rose Casino on March 28th, 2020. The exact time will be announced at a further date. 

There will not be an admission fee to enter this year’s prom, and the after prom will be bowling in Lander. Student’s will be expected to provide their own ride for both events. 

“The prom committee is wanting to make this year’s prom an awesome and beautiful night for everyone to enjoy,” the prom committee said. 

Prom is usually a big event in high school, but at Wyoming Indian High School some students aren’t feeling excited. 

“I haven’t had time or a chance to look for something to wear and I feel unprepared,”  Senior Tyreke Dewey said. 

Junior Jaci Iron Cloud said her excitement has worn off since her freshman year. 

“ Hmm a little bit, I don’t know because it doesn’t seem that fun anymore, but I hope it’s fun” Jaci Ironcloud said.

Prom committee says the  main rule everyone needs to follow and be aware of is once you leave the room you can’t come back in.

If you have any further questions you can ask the prom committee. They are listed below: 

Jaden Ferris

Michael Willow

Faith Daniels

Skyla Shakespeare

JoJo FightingBear

Arielle John

Angela Astorga

Corwin Howell

Leta Trosper

Kim Wiberg

Mike Duffy

Ben Dyer

Sarah Stoll