Students Express Themselves through Speech


Speech club is all about expressing yourself through poems, drama, and various other topics, and it helps students build public speaking skills. 

Wyoming Indian High School’s speech team started in back in the mid 90s and is sanctioned by the Wyoming High School Activity Association. English teacher Sandi Iron Cloud has been coaching the team for 9 years. 

Iron Cloud said being in Speech could help students build confidence and learn new things.

“For debate it is current critical social events impacting our society from local, regional, national to international issues. Topics are updated each month,” Iron Cloud said. 

Students compete in either an A pattern, where they read a poem out loud, or in B pattern, which is more focused on drama and performance. There are a total of three rounds you must complete in order to qualify for the quarter, semis, then final rounds depending on how big the tournament is.

For a lot of students speech is a place to express their feelings through poems of their choosing and talk about sensitive topics. Speech topics range from Indian Boarding Schools, Mental Health, Bullying, and Family Relationships. 

Corwin Howell, who has been on the Speech and Debate team for three years, said “I enjoy competing, meeting new people, and learning other competitors topics.”

The teams most important goals are making it to the final rounds so they would be able to place. Also, to learn new things in education and be aware of how they can explore the world.

Speech has had a major change in some of the events such as poetry. A few years back it was all about reading the poems with a lot of emotion, now there are new rules that make you literally act out the poems.

Sandi says “ I encourage the team to do the best they can, to not be afraid, to have fun and put their feelings in the topics they are sharing. To have no fear and to believe in themselves!”

The Speech and Debate state meet is a couple weeks away and the team is doing their best to prepare for it.